Adoption status
Approx. 2022
Pit Bull

This guy has the heart of a puppy, the antics of a hound dog, and the personality of a circus clown.  Peanuts is just a goofy boy who loves everyone and everything he meets.  And like so many of the dogs we get into our New Orleans he came to us as a stray and in horrible shape.

But true to the Pit Bull standard, he bounced right back, and once physically healthy enough, we were finally able to prepare him for adoption where he quickly became an employee favorite.  From New Orleans, we then transferred him to our West Virginia location which is where dogs wait their turn to go into….wait for it…..PRISON!  Yup our dogs are so excited to leave the “dog house” to enter the “big house” haha

Peanuts is true to the typical Pit Bull personality. He is super outgoing, LOVES everyone he meets, nothing bothers him and so far, he even loves other dogs but…unfortunately he started resource guarding over food.  So this means if he is to go to a home with another dog, you have to be dog experienced and able to manage their feeding time, playtime, etc.  But he does like to play with other dogs as long as no food or toys are involved.

He is also currently in our Underdogs Prison Dogs Program and he is learning some pretty cool stuff.

Prisoner Peanuts will so become Parolee Peanuts!  If you are looking for a fun, silly, and comical goofball, then this is the pooch for you!



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