Adoption status
a real lanky, leggy girl

Puma has quite the story.  Many years ago, Puma and her 12 other Pit Bull friends were apart of a police standoff.  You see her owner at the time was on drugs and he got into a shoot out with the police and held himself, his girlfriend and his dogs hostage inside their house. After many hours and a promise by the police that they would make sure his dogs were taken care of (despite Puma's owner's problems, he LOVED his dogs), the owner gave up.  Puma and her doggie friends were split up among various rescue groups.  Puma made the trip from Nevada to Calif and then eventually here to New Orleans. She is a very very gentle dog and so demure. She is extremely polite and at times shy.  Sadly Puma has a major case of PTSD from all the gunshots that were fired that day and when there is a loud noise or bang, she runs and hides. The only thing that brings her happiness is playing fetch.  She becomes a different dog during a game of ball. Puma has been up for adoption all these years but we have decided that because this has been her home for so long and because of her issues, she must remain here with us.  But that doesn't stop anyone from being her sponsor and even visiting her for a quick game of catch!

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