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Lab/Lab mix

This Teddy Bear of a pooch wants his own human, probably more than any other dog in our care at this time.

He came to us as a stray in our rural country location of Assumption Parish.  His owner never showed up to save him from animal control so we took him into our care.  It didn’t take but a minute to see how stressed out he was in our kennels.  It was heartbreaking to watch—the pacing, shaking, drooling, barking, “attacking” other dogs, etc.  The chubby little fluffball was miserable.

So we then moved him to one of our satellite locations where there were fewer dogs but the behavior continued…that is…until our founder Tia Torres spotted him living miserably.  Knowing that she had too many dogs at her house (and all hounds at that!), she couldn’t stand to see him in this way and loaded him up into her vehicle and made room for him at her house.

Although there were several other dogs at Tia’s house, she maintains control (you have to with that many hound dogs) and keeps things quiet and organized.  Ruxpin is set up in her front room/office where there is a TV to watch, Tia sitting at her desk doing work, and a beautiful window view of the bayou outside.  He is finally at peace and she has seen a completely different side to Ruxpin…his true self.

Ruxpin is SO affectionate and wants to be with his human.  He is very outgoing and rambunctious when he’s at play.  And while he has a lot of energy, when he goes into his crate, he lays down and relaxes.  He already knows some of his obedience commands and LOVES to go for car rides.

Despite how sweet Ruxpin is with humans, he has to be the only pet in the home.  Meaning no other dogs or cats.   But with so much love to give, he will be all you need. If you are looking for the most loyal and devoted pooch in all the land and don’t mind him staring through your soul with adoring eyes…this is the guy for you.

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