Adoption status
Passed Away
2007 approx
teeny tiny/30 lbs at the most

long and saved her, she would not be with us today. This little Pit mix came to us so afraid. We thought she was a lost cause. But thanks to her new found friends here at Villalobos (the four legged ones), Shannon has come out of her shell and loves the company of other dogs and even the cats if they will play with her. But Shannon will need a somewhat non-busy home as she still gets spooked easily. But within minutes even seconds she will warm up to you. She is full of energy and LOVES to run, romp, roll in the mud, go for walks, chase a ball, you name it and she will do it. Though she is our resident tomboy, I'm sure the little girly side of her would like to come out and cuddle up in your bed as a princess too.

Shannon is still quite afraid of new men, she definitely warms up & is great with our guys here, but she's never going to be a dog who is going to be easily accepting of strange men.  She is wonderful with small children, very gentle and sweet.

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  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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