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For those that have not been following her story, Spring goes down as one of the most horrific abuse cases we’ve ever encountered.  She was found in the middle of a busy highway, not able to move due to her injuries.  We rushed her to the vet and were told that she was not going to make it.  We took her to another vet, who told us the same thing.

But something told us not to give up.  We told the vet to do whatever it took to save her life.  Covered with over 100 bite wounds, unable to walk, failing kidneys and a puncture wound right through the middle of her left eye, our logical side said not to hold out much hope.  But…our hearts said different.

Spring beat all the odds and she survived.  While her physical wounds have almost healed, her emotional ones have a long way to go.   But someday, this little girl will be ready for a home of her own and while we look for that someone special, having sponsors for her will help pay towards her enormous medical bills.

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