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January 3, 2012


When we got word from a sweet elderly couple that a couple of stray dogs had simultaneously given birth to litters of puppies on their still Katrina destroyed lot, we could have never prepared for it. One litter had been born under a trailer while the other had taken refuge on the second story of an abandoned and completely destroyed house. It was only our first week in New Orleans and we weren’t even fully set up to take a dog, let alone Moms with puppies.

But once we got to the debris riddled lot in the Lower 9th Ward, we saw how serious the situation was. Two small and young Pit mix Mamas…with 20 puppies between them both!!! We crawled under the trailer first and began to pull the puppies out of the mud from a recent storm. Then we scrambled up the bare frame of what used to be a staircase in the abandoned house. It only took seconds for us to have trouble breathing and that’s when we noticed the walls were almost solid mold. All the way up to the second story, the walls were green and drywall crumbling from where the water from Katrina had risen. Such an eerie feeling came over us but was short-lived when we heard the muffled cries of what sounded like babies.

As we tripped and struggled past all broken furniture and fallen down ceiling, we eventually found ourselves in a back bedroom. And there in the corner were a litter of tiny newborn puppies, COVERED in fleas. Despite their infestation, they were well fed as were all the puppies so these “Teen Moms” were doing a fantastic job taking care of their young ones. Once all were safe at the rescue, we realized that despite the good care they were giving, they were both struggling to take care of so many young ones. So between volunteers and a great foster home, some of the pups were farmed out to be bottle-fed.

Though many of the pups got homes, Steve and a few of his siblings remain with us. Steve is a silly, long-legged, party boy.  He loves being the center of attention and is the class clown. Though I’m not quite sure why we named him “Steve”, he’s one of our favorite dogs here.  Just a really cool and fun pooch!

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