Adoption status
Passed Away
11/22/02 (approx)
a little dude

What a story this little guy has. None like any other dog we've ever had here. Let's start by saying he was a Katrina dog. After Hurricane Katrina, he had to survive Hurricane Rita. After Rita, his "rescuers" in Louisiana DUMPED HIM with another "rescue" which turned out to be one of the worst animal abuse cases in U.S. history. He was found in a field in Arkansas with over 500 other dogs, many of which were dead. Apparently this woman was taking in Katrina dogs and collecting donations for them. From there he was shipped up to the Northern part of the U.S. where once again he was sent into a foster home. It was then that the stress of it all took over and he did not do well, snapping at people, showing nervous behavior, etc. He was then sent to us and he has now become a bundle of fun, fun, fun. To adopt this little guy you will have to be God, the Pope, the president of the United States or have just won the title of Dog Owner of the Year. In other words, Taz has been thru way too much to endure anymore pain and suffering. You must show that your home is stable, experienced with this breed and most importantly filled with patience and love.

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