Adoption status
Passed Away
Approx July 2013
BIG girl about 70lbs

“Silly Tillie” as we like to call her as it describes her personality to a tee. This gazelle like creature is a young purebred Austrian Black and Tan Hound (it’s a real breed…..Google it) who are direct descendants of the “Celtic Hound”. In Irish Gaelic folklore, they represent healing, protection and guidance to lost souls. She is also one of our “swampies” coming from the Assumption Parish Jail/Shelter and this rare breed remains a mystery as to how she came to us out here in this small rural community. Tillie LOVES other dogs and LOVES being outdoors and is just a fun dog all around. But….she is a hound so any potential adopter must remember like a typical hound she requires lots of exercise, would do best in a rural environment and….she can sing!

  • Dog-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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