Adoption status
Approx November 2011
Pit Bull mix

Timone has a special place in our hearts because he was one of the first dogs we rescued when we came to our Assumption Parish, Louisiana, location in 2012. We were settling into our new New Orleans home. But city life was not for our founder, Tia Torres, so she began exploring the rural parts of Southeast Louisiana. There was simply no way she could live in the city for longer than she had to.

Without getting into a much longer story on how she found Assumption Parish, this is where she landed as a place to reside.  So, of course, what does a woman who runs a dog rescue do when she finds her new hometown?  She looks for the closest animal shelter, of course!  Unfortunately, the “animal shelter” in a small southern town isn’t always what you’d expect, and when Tia was directed to a small fenced-in area behind the local jail, she was in for the shock of her life.  The dogs were crammed into little cages with little to no shelter, and the place was a mess.  So it was then that Tia Torres came up with the idea to approach the parish and take over the shelter. The rest is history, and to this day, VRC takes care of those dogs.  But this is where Timone’s story began.

He and another large dog were squeezed into a small cage together, both with big chains and padlocks hanging off of their necks. Both Timone and cage mate have been with us since that day and with no interest from anyone wanting to adopt them.  Timone is so flippin’ sweet and craves attention, but yet, he goes unnoticed.

He is a big boy and with him being a senior, you would never know it upon meeting him. He is full of energy and loves to play.  He is perfectly crate-trained and loves being in the house. His one drawback is that he is a little anxious when riding in a car, but we’re still working on that!

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