Adoption status
Approx. 2018
Lab/Lab mix

T.J. came to us under extremely heartbreaking circumstances. We got the call to assist law enforcement into doing a welfare check on an elderly man and needed us to get inside the house to handle the dogs.  The scene we entered was heartbreaking.  The man had died and his two dogs: T.J. and a Chihuahua laid by his side and refused to move for EMT.  We were able to coax them away and take them both into our care.

T.J.’s heart was shattered and his actions spoke volumes.  Whining and constantly looking for his owner, we tried everything to comfort him. Then the unthinkable happened. Within a week, his little senior Chihuahua friend passed away from what turned out to be cancer.  T.J.’s world once again was turned upside down.

T.J. has had a tough time with us.  He so desperately wanted his own human again.  Rescue/kennel life was breaking his spirit.  And just when we thought all was lost…a miracle happened.  We were given the honors of conducting our very own prison dog training program. And just like that T.J. found a new (temporary) better life!

After being in our prison program (and will remain there until he is adopted) he has come a long way. He is more confident and enjoys meeting new people. He’s even found a couple of doggie friends.  But TJ will still need a “special” home.

The perfect home for TJ, first and foremost would be someone who possibly works out of their home and is around the house more than the average person.  Because he still feels like he’s going to be “abandoned” he really needs to have his human around to give him that security and comfort.

T.J. has been around older kids and did great.  But as far as any other four-legged friends….no way Jose.  He “tolerates” other dogs but does not want them in his life. As for kitty cats…NOPE NOPE & NOPE.

So as complicated as T.J.’s needs are, there is a silver lining.   I was saving the best for last.  T.J. is a part of our Underdogs Prison Dogs Program.  He is full trained and knows some amazing stuff.  He is doing so good in the program so whoever gets him is going to get an awesome dog.

So if you are looking for the best friend, a perfect roommate, the most loyal buddy you could ever ask for…T.J. is your guy!



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