Adoption status
There is nothing sweeter than "Ruby Red Slippers", ( I have no idea why I named her than other than I have an obsession for Dorothy) but our "Rubilicious" is absolutely delicious and adorable and all those things that go with the most loveable dog on the planet. She is gentle and kind hearted and still slightly traumatized from her ordeal with abuse.  She will need a quiet home with no other pets. 
But there is another twist to Ruby's story that we just found out.  She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  It wasn't enough that this poor beautiful animal was almost killed in a staged dog fight and beaten by her former owners but now she has this condition.  But there is a silver lining. The problem doesn't seem to bother her, at least at this time.  There are dogs that can live with it, without it ever bothering them.  So far for Ruby this seems to be the case. We opted not to put her thru the long painful recovery of surgery yet, if she's doing fine.  That old saying of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" seems to come into play at this time. If someone can find it in their heart to give her a home as a couch potato, allowing her to sun herself in the grass from time to time and take daily walks around the block, our organization will cover all expenses if she should one day need to have the surgery.  Once you meet her, her smothering personality becomes infecticious and there is no way that anyone will be able to resist her.  Somewhere over the rainbow, there has to be an OZ waiting for our little Ruby
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