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Vinny is another one of the original Kajun Kitties of Bayou Corne, a very remote swamp area in Assumption Parish. Louisiana.  His story along with 30-plus other feral cats was featured on our TV show “Pit Bulls & Parolees” when a sinkhole appeared in their neighborhood and all the residents were made to evacuate, leaving all of their cats behind to fend for themselves.

A local cat lover stepped forward and single-handedly cared for these cats for over a year until she found us and asked for our help to relocate the cats of Bayou Corne.  The cats were all eventually trapped and moved to our Sanctuary location in Assumption Parish.  Where an amazing “cat city” was built for them.

Sadly Vinny never “came around” and remained feral.  But the good news is that we were able to treat him for his severe allergies (he was allergic to mosquitoes!) and now lives his best life in an air-conditioned cabin.

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