Adoption status
Approx. 3 years old

You are probably asking, “what the heck is a Wawkalak?”  Legends say it is a Russian werewolf who does not actually harm anyone but is a restless creature and that is this beast right here!  He is the creature of all creatures! Haha!

Let me get right to the point with this goofball.  Anyone who dares to adopt him MUST have a GREAT sense of humor.  He is non-stop fun, mischievous, and a prankster on four legs.  Wawkalak takes nothing serious and the world is his party.  He does get along great with other dogs and every human he meets but…yes there is a but.  Because he plays rough and parties hard, we’re going to say that there should be no cats, small dogs, or small children in the home.  And this is not because he is aggressive with them.  No, no, he loves them…in his mouth….like a stuffed animal.  Everything goes “in the mouth” which is typical for this breed.  It’s all in the game for him.

Wawkalak has received lots of great training because he is in our Underdogs Prison Dogs Program at Rockview Prison in Bellefonte, PA. But, yup, there’s another but…despite him being “trained” that does not take away his amazing personality.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  So again, if you are interested in this breathtaking Beast from the East, you absolutely need to have the same kind of silliness in your life or at least have the patience of a parent with 10 kids.

Are you ready to become his parole officer?

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