Adoption status
Approx August 2017
Approx 50lbs

Did he just take your breath away?  Talk about tall, dark and handsome!!!

Windu is the poster child for TRUE Labrador.  He is full of energy, has insane toy drive, loves the water probably more than ducks and fish and he is fun, fun, fun.  Throw a ball into the water and watch him dive to the bottom to retrieve it.

He is EXTREMELY smart and picks up on training in 2 seconds and knows many of his commands already.

Windu is dog-friendly BUT, he is very overwhelming and does not know when to stop.  So if you have other dogs, you will need to step in and monitor his playtime. But more than likely once the newness wears off, he will hopefully become a “normal” dog.

Windu should go to a home that understands the true working Labrador.  Despite being 4 years old, he is still very puppylike.  Typical Lab, they don’t slow down until they are like 10 years old.  Right?  Ha!

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