Larry's House

Named in honor of our dog Larry, who was deemed aggressive towards both people and other dogs. He was sentenced to death because of this “behavior” in the shelter and realizing how stressful and county shelter environment can be, Villalobos stepped in to give him yet one more chance. And the rest is history! Larry has become the ultimate perfect representative of the perfect Pit Bull. He LOVES everything and everyone he meets. He came so close to death because of a “shelter temperament test” and this is what this satellite house is all about. We’ve taken our dogs that others have deemed impossible but we see a “little something special” in them. The ones that we get “that feeling” about. At Larry’s House, the main focus is dog to dog socialization skills. Its something of a “Pit Bull Daycare” where the dogs are allowed to slowly interact with each other with the hope that they will learn to play well with other dogs. Though Larry is NOT up for adoption, all of the other dogs at Larry’s House are! Meet the roomates…..