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Marilyn aka “Mair-Mair” was adopted by long time dog walking volunteers at our California location. They fell in love with her and truly moved mountains to be able to make her part of their family. Mair-Mair joined Renay and Mike …

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Dillinger's Happy Ending

Our sweet one-eyed man was adopted before we left California and is loving life in San Diego with his wonderful family. Here’s a picture they shared with us recently of Dilly Bear as they call him, playing with one of …

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Dulce was adopted a few years ago from us by Roland M., and she lives happily in the Sacramento area where she is the ultimate pit bull ambassador.  Dulce has her CGC, a Delta Society Therapy Dog and a service …

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Lacey Loo (formerly Mickey Blue Eyes)

Mickey (who is now Lacey Roo) was adopted from us by the Vrbanic family back in 2008 and she is a happy and beloved member of their family today.  Her favorite activity is to run alongside the bicycle.  Lacey and her …

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We adopted him June 2011 and Love him so much.


Way back in early 2000 one of our special dogs, Brad Pitt, was adopted by Terry and Heather Carter. He was joined in 2002 by another Villalobos dog, Blinky and together they had their happy ending with the Carter family. …

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