A very happy day today. Harrison our "Plab" (that's a Pit/Lab mix or at least that's what we call them) went to a new home today. But not just any home. He left for Washington to learn what it takes to become a narcotics detection dog (drug dog). Harrison has been here for about a year and he has been one of our more difficult dogs to adopt out. This is due to his "working" behavior: meaning this dog constantly wanted a job to do. He was 24/7 on!!!! And if not for the dedication of our volunteer trainer Melanie from Paws to Luv, we never would've known how insane Harrison was for a ball or toy. These are the characteristics needed to become a good drug or bomb dog and Harrison appears to have what it takes. Thank you Don Leahan from North West LawDog Rescue for taking him but most importantly thank you Melanie for seeing Harrison's talent and not giving up on him. It is because of you an only you, that he is now on his way to being a cool dog with a cool job.