Mando and O' My Dogz!

The name is O' My Dogz!!

The website is   

O' My Dogz consists of Armando & Ruby Galindo and Jason & Natalie Franks, now known as the OMD Family!

"Mando" of Pit Bulls & Parolees (and also a Villalobos employee) along with his wife Ruby ( or as we know her, Rubilicious, also a Villalobos employee) are co-creators of these cool shirts.  Jason and Natalie Franks are not only members of the OMD Family, but the Villalobos one as well.  Their countless hours of support and dedication are invaluable. 

And once again these devoted followers of our cause have created a cool t-shirt line, where a portion of the proceeds will eventually be used to help support our sanctuary dogs.

So pitch in and purchase the first of many designs of an O' My Dogz shirt.  For more information, go the their website and know that you are helping unwanted and homeless Pit Bulls.