Though we've rescued so many dogs from NOLA, today's was the first since we've made the "Big Easy" our home.   This was our 911 of the day….

We had an elderly couple, still down on their luck after Katrina, who had befriended two female Pit Bull mixes.  They were either pregnant or "got pregnant" from the many stray dogs that run the neighborhoods.  They came by our new but not yet opened facility here in the Upper 9th Ward and pleaded for help.  So it was over the bridge and down into the Lower 9th Ward we went, but we never expected to run into what we did….20 puppies and two Momma dogs that are practically puppies themselves.  Now that they are back at our facility, we have three runts that are getting pushed out of the litters and so they need to be bottle fed every few hours. 

These pictures tell their story.