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NEW MEXICO HERE WE COME!!! We will be at the Ink Life Tour event May 24-26th at the Albuquerque Convention Center.   Tania, Perry, the Twins and Mando will all be on hand to sell merchandise (and probably get more …

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The "P" Word Tour – Long Island, NY

THE "P" WORD TOUR COMING TO NEW YORK!!!!    In the next few days, sign ups for this event will begin and we will have the details for  you. But for now here is the info.  There will be one …

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We have piles and piles of puppies! Twenty to be exact. And how funny is it (not haha funny but *ugh* funny) that last year at this time we also had twenty puppies!! We have three separate litters that came …

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In the midst of celebrating Mardi Gras, we received word of a horrible abuse/neglect case of many dogs, near Meridian, MS. At first we told the caller that we were so overloaded we just couldn’t take on anymore dogs, let …

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Marilyn aka “Mair-Mair” was adopted by long time dog walking volunteers at our California location. They fell in love with her and truly moved mountains to be able to make her part of their family. Mair-Mair joined Renay and Mike …

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Jerry the Office Dog

is up for Adoption – For those that didn’t catch Jerry’s story on some of our former episodes, Jerry was rescued by us and is now needing a home of his own. Though he resides currently as our “office dog” …

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Dillinger's Happy Ending

Our sweet one-eyed man was adopted before we left California and is loving life in San Diego with his wonderful family. Here’s a picture they shared with us recently of Dilly Bear as they call him, playing with one of …

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P-Word in Montgomery, AL

The “P” Word Tour is heading to Montgomery, Alabama this Saturday, November 10th … educational but fun! After this workshop we will be announcing the next stop on the tour.