Larry is the dog who represents everything that Villalobos stands for. When he came to us through a Northern California animal shelter, he had been dubbed "aggressive". It was only after doing some investigating that we found out that the shelter had "temperament tested" him with another un-neutered male Pit Bull. Ya think??? Larry has since become the icon for the perfect dog, the perfect Pit Bull and is now a permanent member of the Villalobos family. Larry's House is our intake and behavioral assessment location. New dogs are brought into his house so that we may get an accurate reading on each new intake's true temperament and personality. And then for any dogs getting adopted, we use this house to prepare them for their new home with training and temperament testing to the specific needs of the adopter. Larry's House is one of our more "social" houses as many of the dogs here like to play so group wrestling is a favorite past time. Welcome to their home….