As most rescuers know, so many of our dogs never get adopted and end up dying with us from old age. One of our biggest heartbreaks was the passing of our Roadie last year. He had come to us when he was 6 months old and was the perfect dog, yet, year after year, he got passed up and never got adopted. And last year during one of our many trips across the country to move to New Orleans, I got "the call". My workers had come in to begin their morning routine and had found Roadie dead, alone in his kennel. He had been with us for over 10years. It tore us all to pieces and angered us at the same time. So we vowed to never allow this to happen again.
We have put together a small but quaint little country home out by the river in a small town about an hour outside of New Orleans. Here our "elderbulls" will live indoors and have a beautiful big and grassy yard to play in and baby pools to enjoy the hot Louisiana summer days with. Along with the elderbulls we are also going to be housing some of our special needs dogs. These are dogs that just don't do well in a kennel environment because at one time, they slept on a warm bed in the house, relaxed by the fireplace, only to be dumped by their uncaring owners. These dogs will live in the "Princess Room" where they will be treated as such. We are still finishing up the final touches where you will be able to enjoy their new life with them on our website. Roadie's House is currently being handled by Ben. Some of you may remember him when he was dubbed "The Kentucky Trio" who we found in a snow storm in Tehachapi, CA. He and his Mastiff/Pit mix Moose, spoil and cater to our dogs that now live with a beautiful view of the river. Remember just because these dogs are now living in one of our satellite houses, most of them are still available for adoption. Welcome to their home….