Rescuing Al. E. Gator

Not since the rescuing of Buffy last year in Sacramento, have we had to use almost our entire crew to catch a dog. So when we were alerted about a very sick dog in the Lower 9th Ward, who had been left in a field for months, we were expecting the worst. And that’s EXACTLY what we found. Not only was this dog dying slowly from heartworm disease but he was aggressive (out of fear and shear survival). Along with the help of my kids, we were able to save him not only from the streets but regain his health and slowly his trust. Unfortunately at this time though, “Al E. Gator” or just plain Gator, isn’t ready for adoption. He still has extreme trust issues but he welcomes anyone who wants to sponsor him. He loves rawhides, knuckle bones and can use a doggie bed from time to time (he likes to drag them around). Who says Gators aren’t cute?